How to Whiten Recycled Plastics?

Issuing time:2020-07-28 16:19

Every year, people produce and use tens of thousands of ton of plastics. How to deal with plastic wastes is a big problem all human being are facing and should carefully think about. You might have heard of following news: scientists discover plastic chunk in Arctic ice; EU agees tax on plastic packaging waste...

One of solutions is recycling. Being shredded, melted, grounded up into small masterbatches and re-made into other useful goods. Sounds great, however, there is an important problem every manufacturer are worried about---the color! The color of the recycled plastics are not as good as the virgin one! They are always mixed colored, murky, not white, not bright enough.

Using optical brightener is your best choice. Optical Brightening Agent, or fluorescent whitening agent, changes the light shades of product to enhence its whiteness and brightness. No matter for PP, PE, PET or any other kinds of recycling plastics, Glory Chem always have suitable solutions for you. Do not hesitate to contact with us!

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